Tuesday, 13 May 2014

So, first post on this new blog!
I've been thinking for months about starting or not starting one, since I almost let my tumblr blog fade, but now I've decided to give it a try.
In this blog I'll mainly talk about fashion - classic lolita in primis, but also country, gothic and other Japanese or European streetstyles as well. I also want to describe the pieces I'll add to my wardrobe, talk about the HFW and events I'll attend, about the my little sewing projects and stuff like that.
Even though I'm Italian I'll try to keep this blog in English. So, sorry Italian followers that now won't follow me because of my not bilingual blog, and sorry for my international followers that may find some errors in my writing!
For now I'll leave you with the famous pic-that-even-Minori-liked which was taken during the HFW in Venice last Sunday, 11 May. This is my second time trying shironuri, but I'll post more pics of this outfit in another post.

copyright: Marcello Masiero

I think I'll start with some of my oldest outfits, so some 2013 pictures are coming!

Kissu, Bea